Our lives are about to be redefined!

On the 1st May 1851, The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was inaugurated at the specially-built Crystal Palace – a feat of engineering in itself, made entirely from glass and steel – by Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert. During this exhibition, everything – from the world’s biggest diamond to flushing toilets and food mixers – were exhibited.

Sure, this was a way for Britain to showcase its might as a global superpower, but it also set forth a precedent that’s never lost momentum. In fact, while a 165 years have passed since then, our technology is still evolving at an incredible pace. And if that exhibition had to happen again today, here’s what would be on show:

Wireless Electricity

Chargers for laptops, phones, tablets and cameras, as well as wired hair dryers, food mixers and televisions, will soon become a thing of the past as wireless electricity slowly takes over. By using electromagnetic induction – which could be even incorporated into furniture – we’ll be able to heat up frying pans directly on the kitchen counter, and charge our phones by placing them on a bedside table. It’s quite high-voltage, but creators insist it’s safe to use.



3D Gaming

Forget the graphics on your PS4 or the interactivity of your Nintendo Wii. Gaming in the future will be as immersive as real life. Using vertical pixel columns, ‘virtual reality’ glasses of the future – or should I say the present – will be able to create a three-dimensional world from any game or movie. In fact, this technology is so cutting-edge that you can play any game out there! More than that, future gaming will also make you feel things in real time, including faster heart rates!


Sound-replacing Water

Not to drink, but to put out large fires! Since sound is made up of pressure waves, it could completely cut out the oxygen supply to a fire – which, FYI, is one of the key components of a fire – and let it die out quickly. Can you imagine how much water we’d save? Oh, and no humans would be required, as drones would be carrying this out.


Drone Deliveries

Amazon have already started using it, and so have a few other companies. In fact, delivery by drone is very quickly becoming common place in many countries. This could be used to deliver everything – from your pizza order to the pair of shoes you purchased online. Oh, and it could even send food and relief to people stranded in floods or earthquakes.



Smart Ovens

Timers? They’re a thing of the past! Smart ovens will tell you how best to cook the food at hand using built-in cameras and sensors. They’ll even be able to tell you when a certain type of food has reached its optimal cooking temperature so it’s never overcooked. That’s one less worry for you at Christmastime when cooking the turkey.



Can you think of other forms of technology we’ll be using in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.


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