Does it hurt?

We’re not going to lie, there’s going to be some amount of pain or discomfort. It varies from area to area, with the Brazilian wax hurting the most. However, it’s not as bad as movies so often portray. To give you a bit of a guide, here are the pain levels on a scale of 1 to 10:

Legs – 3
Arms – 3
Underarms – 4
Bikini line – 3
Brazilian – 7
Eyebrows – 4
Upper lip – 3

How long does it take?

It all depends on where you’d like to have waxed and how much hair you have, but let’s take legs as an example. You can get a full leg wax in about 15 minutes. However, if you’re looking to get everything done, give yourself about an hour for the whole process.

How long will it last?

Again, this varies from area to area and especially from person to person. However, it’s safe to say that unless you have intense growth, you’ll be smooth for about a week after waxing. However, some of us are unlucky enough to get a stubble after 2 days, so perhaps you might want to consider getting laser or shaving. Also, by sticking to a waxing schedule every 3 weeks – allowing the hair to grow just long enough for it to be caught by the wax – the longer it will last in between sessions.

How often do I need to go?

It depends on how fast your hair grows in certain areas. After your first wax, keep a note of how long it took for your hair to grow about a quarter of an inch, and then schedule appointments around that. You may need to go more often for certain areas such as eyebrows than say a Brazilian.



How should I prepare?

As mentioned above, your hair should be a quarter of an inch before waxing. Other than that, it’s suggested you turn up with clean skin – no one wants to wax you after you’ve been to the gym. Make sure to give your genital area a good wipe down before your appointment. It’ll save you a lot of embarrassment and it’s only fair on your beautician – everyone has the right to a hygienic working environment.

To reduce the pain, some women prefer to take ibuprofen 1-hour minutes before their appointment. However, the more often you go, the stronger your pain threshold will become, as your body will get used to it.

What should I expect after?

Your skin may be sensitive for a few days after waxing. Avoid applying lotions for 24 hours afterwards. Also, your beautician should apply a soothing cream straight after the session. You’ll experience some redness and tenderness a few hours after, but nothing major. If you have leftover wax on your skin, rub it down with baby oil once you get home, as this breaks down and melts away the wax’s composition. Try to also wear loose trousers right after the wax, and tight jeans can be a little abrasive on raw skin.