Make sure you’re sitting down. You’re about to be bowled over by the collections presented on the fourth day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta. I mean it. Sit yourself down.

Sometimes, we only half-heartedly buy an item off the high street because we’re fed up of trying to find its arche; it’s not exactly how we wanted it, but it’s close enough, so it’ll have to do. Well, Désirée‘s just inspired the artist within us all to grab all of those mundane purchases and doodle them to kingdom come, just to put our dissatisfaction to rest. Oh, but if only we had this designer’s steady hand and eye for detail (I speak for myself, of course. I can’t even draw a straight line). Désirée has taken timeless classic shoes by Aldo and given them her own personal touch, bringing to life the potential of every pair. For every shape and colour, she saw something hidden, and extracted it through her own delicate graffiti-geometrics. If one closely observes the etchings, you’ll find one or two tattoos that reflect the shoe’s inner stereotype. For example, there’s a cheeky little moustache on a pair of Oxfords and tribal marks on a pair of leather gladiator mules. A particular highlight are the pink platform wedges with ditzy gold daisies.


DÉSIRÉE Exclusive Art on Shoes Exhibition. Photo credits to JCiappara Photography and Ivan Borg Photography.


Eymeric François fulfilled a very innate fashion fantasy for many women with his Geisha collection. This is where the female form, with all its curves and dimples, was allowed to be worshipped through corsets and kimono sleeves. So expressive was the plushness of the chosen fabrics, that your sense of sight alone could receive the feel of it. Cinched waists, accentuated womanly hips, shameless and proud prominent poitrines… This collection reminded us to feel good about our bodies. So we’d just like to say, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Eymeric for celebrating sensuality in its most natural form. It started off with the black kimono V neck jacket. And then came the sheer fur trimmed skirt with emerald embroidery. And then came the billowing pink and black skirt that just roared and rumbled as it walked down the catwalk. And then came corsetry… Genuine corsetry, where workmanship and expertise were well invested in to create up-to-standard support.


Eymeric Francois (Paris). Photo credits to Jason Spiteri.


And then there was this… for which I have no words. All I ask of my readers is to behold, because the outfit speaks for itself.


Photo credits to Jason Spiteri.


The Mediterranean personality speaks volumes. We permeate a very special energy just by walking into a room or cracking a smile. We don’t have to do much; we just have to have a conversation on public transport and every other non-Mediterranean is taken aback by the force of our presence. Carla Grima Atelier succeeded in capturing that very nature in her Ophelia collection. Perhaps the designer opted for this name in light of Shakespeare’s Ophelia, who goes insane by the end of Hamlet. I suppose there is something a little bit mad about the Mediterranean temperament, which is part and parcel of our beauty. Nonetheless, Carla Grima captivates us with the collection’s serenity and fluidity, reminiscent of Mediterranean shores and lazy days in the sun. Such a collection cannot leave out swimwear, of course, and an arresting white and azure swimsuit stands out. The organic brush strokes on the blank canvas render this piece a work of art. Another success is a satin white butterfly top with a boat neckline, bohemian-ly combined with ombre palazzo pants.


Carla Grima Atelier. Photo credits to Luke Testaferrata and JCiappara Photography.