And on the fourth day, Malta Fashion Week said, ‘Let there be Parascandalo, Rosita and Intune by Claudia Goagara.’ These three designers offered their audience a delightful display of fabric theatre, where we were entertained with the gothic macabre, Cirque du Soleil-esque colour schemes, followed by classic baroque structures.

Marco Parascandalo‘s 2016 collection is probably the rebellious child of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta 2016; the good kind of the rebel, the one you’d want to hang out with because their sense of individuality is a good influence on you. There’s so much to love about this collection, and the diversity of models chosen to present the pieces really helped the audience relate more to Parascandalo’s desire for wearability. It’s the love child of a heavy metal goth and a Dothraki warrior, and that’s just a delicious combination. Plain black chokers were donned for most of the outfits, and quite frankly, you can never have enough black chokers in a lifetime. The motif “Mhux kulma jleqq hu deheb” runs constant in many of the pieces, but we can assure you that the black T-shirt dress with black strappy platforms and black sling bag is most definitely fashion gold. We also fell in love with the jumpsuit choker combination sensationally worn by this fantastic model.


Marco Parascandalo’s 2016 collection. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.


Rosita Silk Sense presented Joie de Vivre, which was, to put it bluntly, perfect. Simply perfect. Not only were the bold hues expertly crafted through the exquisite silk fabric, but the cuts and pattern positioning were designed in such a way that it gives the illusion of the wearer floating past as they move with the fabric. Rosita’s creations are rare and delicate beauties which are sure to turn heads by anyone displaying her work. Also, who’dve thought that such bright pieces could transform a basic suit to such an extent? Notable successes – although it’s very hard to pick a favourite – are an aquatic blue/green floral cape top, a sheer violet top, and a pink and green butterfly dress.


Joie de Vivre’ Collection. Photo credits to Steve Congrave.


Classic embellishments, embroidery and elegance constitute Interlude by Claudia Goagara. The entire portfolio boasts a sea of nude and neutral shades, but nestled in this is a burst of floral pink through a stunning pocketed strapless gown whose skirted wrap layer gives such a dreamy structure to the whole outfit. Similar to this is a timeless all black gown that sisters the pink number; a very dramatic piece that gives a stately and noble bearing to the wearer. Another triumph is a baroque off shoulder dress that has a very tasteful underlying pinkish hue masked by visually pleasing black lace.


Interlude’ Collection. Photo credits to Steven Muliett and Carlo Jourdan.