On the third day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta, four designers took us on a horticultural journey, where nymphs, nature, geology and oceanography were explored through their craftsmanship.

Adalia B. led us into her milliner’s garden, which was, to say the least, well tended to. Every single piece in The Secret Garden looks alive. The artist has given so much attention to detail and colour coordination, that it’s as if every piece is a living and growing entity. One such example is a green and pink fascinator whose flowery décor exudes full bloom. But it is the sturdiness and simplicity of the stems that complete the realism of this piece. Two other worthy mentions go to the teal hat with blue/green feather and mesh detail, and a purple and green frontal fascinator with peacock feathers.


‘The Secret Garden’ by Adalia B. Photo credits to Ian Attard.


Sam Selby then moved us onto the seashore, with an array of beautifully carved stones that looked good enough to eat. Greens, teals and orange were the main colour palette for The Sirena Collection, and the sizing of the stones can be worn by most face shapes and décolletages, as they’ve been given very flattering moulds. A particular orange stone necklace fascinates me, as the carving and the colouring is quite reminiscent of scallop roe. But of course, this is simply my interpretation; the collection has a very opulent quality to it. The emerald drop earrings are also to die for.


‘The Sirena Collection’ by Sam Selby. Photo credits to Ian Attard.


The nymph is Gaetano‘s muse for this collection, and this is very apparent in a magical maxi dress crafted from skin coloured mesh with cleverly structured gold detail. The gown is beautifully teamed with a delicate but majestic gold headdress, and the whole outfit has a wonderful Cleopatra factor to it, rendering it possibly the most iconic piece in the collection. Gaetano then gives us a variety of shapes and cuts through black lace and velvet, with one floor length black velvet gown with a black mesh cape and filigree neck detail reigns supreme.


‘Nymph’ by Gaetano. Photo credits to JCiappara Photography and Luke Testaferrata.


Now here’s a wedding collection for the daring and fashion-conscious bride. Anna Romysh by Weddingbells presents a decadent range of wedding gowns featuring Swarovski crystals, luxurious mesh and flattering cuts. The pièce de résistance is a plain but ivory white bodycon maxi dress adorned by an unbelievably stunning mesh cape with a silver and light green neck clasp. There’s also one particular gown whose ethereal kimono sleeves will guarantee it to be a sell-out.


Anna Romysh Haute Couture 2017 collection. Photo credits to Citigraphica and Joseph Lungaro.