Design by Malcolm Cremona. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.

The works of Mari Ahoy, Malcolm Cremona, Nathan Micallef, Gabrielle Fenech, Maria Cutajar, Lukka Pizzuto and Giulia Pandolfino kicked off the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta with the Teatru Rjal as its functional yet apt backstage area, with the fresh marble of Republic Street as the catwalk for the participating models.

The uniqueness of every collection captured the audience’s attention from start to finish, and the palette of colours and the richness of the fabrics is what made the Fashion Week’s debut show stand out. Truly, the curation of the show must be commended for the harmonious ensemble created by the portfolio of collections presented on this day.

We particularly enjoyed Nathan Micallef’s delicious pink and grey outfits, where matching chokers were donned so pleasingly, that we’re willing to bet that half the audience members wanted to snatch them off the models and claim them for themselves. The geometric dress in pink, black and grey with black choker and retro glasses reigns triumphant from the entire collection. It has it all – from midriff to off-shoulder to pencil skirt to accentuation.


Photo credits to Bernard Polidano


Off-shoulders are once again embraced in Mari Ahoy’s collection, where we can see a huge influence from current trends of elasticated ruffles, bell sleeves and block pinafore straps. This top, combined with skirt-cum-culottes, is gorgeously wearable yet daring. The tribal factor was also sported through monochrome make up stripes, and oh yes, it worked a treat. This collection excels in being strikingly simple but also simply striking.


Photo credits to Bernard Polidano


Gabrielle Fenech gave us a taste of futurism with chrome fabric and gas masks. A beautiful silver pencil skirt with gemstone decoration and an absolutely glorious shoulder hood dress were the highlight of her portfolio.


Photo credits to Bernard Polidano

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