Date of Birth: 10th February, 1965

Location: Mosta

Status: Married

Star Sign: Aquarius

Main occupation: Director of Studies/ Head of English Language School

Media-related occupation: Actor

Deċeduti was Pauline Fenech’s television debut, and her mother-in-law from hell role got a number of different reactions. Some people even wanted to kill her.

However, very few know that many moons ago, Pauline was involved in Għanja Ġdida – a religious television production – and whilst her sister co-presented with David Azzopardi, a group of them performed all the mimes and dances. Later on, Pauline got a small part in Evanġelisti, which was happily followed by being part of the Deċeduti phenomenon.

“I also had a small part in Ċaqqufa as Carla’s mother. I’m now very proud to be part of another television series which has taken Malta by storm. Strada Stretta has over 112,000 viewers and has managed to draw the attention of those who don’t normally watch television. The story, written by the talented Audrey Brincat Dalli, is captivating and well researched, and my character, Polly, has shown me that there was a code of ethics in Strada Stretta, and that not all the women were prostitutes. In fact, very little were and most of them, like Polly, were very shrewd successful business women, running their small business,” states Pauline in the interview.



What led you to drama?

I’ve always had a passion for acting, but I grew up in a society which expected you to do as you’re told and no questions asked. My father never allowed me to join any acting groups because he felt that all female actors were loose women, which is quite ironic considering that people now greet me as ‘Polly ta’ Strada Stretta’!

How do you nurture your acting skills?

I studied English and Theatre Studies at university, and all the great dramaturgists drill the importance of making it real and being natural. My creed is to always remember what Jerzy Grotowski claims; that ‘the actor does not play, does not imitate, or pretend. He is himself.’ The greatest compliment anyone can give me is when they tell me how natural my acting is, because I never act, I just have fun!



What do you enjoy the most about your work as an actor?

This is a difficult question which cannot be answered in just a few seconds. Acting is a tool which pushes one to search inside oneself, to project emotions which were hidden deep and allow them to come out. It’s a journey of discovery and it’s also a fun ride.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me.

Do changes in your life shake you up?

Yes, I get a pretty bad shaking, but I always get up again stronger, wiser and more determined.

Do you get annoyed when people get you to do too many things at once?

Not annoyed, but frustrated that I can’t do everything. However, I’ve learnt how to say a polite but firm ‘no’ to the things I cannot or do not want to do.