We’ve all done it. We’ve all tried to turn a little unused corner into something practical. But sometimes, we need a little inspiration on how to utilise the space to its full potential. So here are a few tricks of the trade:

Shelving – Your tiny area can only fit a desk! But have you considered the wall space? Take full advantage of this in your home and hang, hang, hang.



Under-desk baskets – Items would look awful if they were all left just in a pile under your desk, but not when they’re collected into a beautiful basket. Then it just looks stylish.



Under-desk drawers – Even if your desk doesn’t come with a set of drawers, you can still purchase these separately and just slide them under your desk.



Clipboard walls – Need items available at arm’s length? Why not hang clipboards to your wall and save your paperwork there?



Desk Organisers – Ever wonder how much space your phone, business cards, pens and post-it notes take up on your desk space? Well, with the space-saving desk organisers, all your bits and bobs are collected neatly together in their designated compartments, meaning more space for you and less time wasted looking for your things!



There are always solutions to design problems and limitations. It’s just about looking at things from a different perspective. If space is a big issue in your home, one thing to always keep in mind is to never keep anything that doesn’t serve a function. You’ll be amazed by how much space these little trinkets can accumulate!

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