Are you having a design dilemma when it comes to sprucing up your space? Is your room dull and in need of some vibrance?

Here are some quick and easy fixes to have your space feeling bright and inviting!

Use plants – I know they can sometimes be a headache, but you can always choose the super low maintenance ones such as succulents and cacti. They look great and are honestly very hard to kill!


Plants make you happy. Fact!


Cushions – Is it the bedroom? Add some cushions! Maybe the living room? Add some cushions! An outside area or desk space? Add some cushions! Cushions are a serious room saver. They bring colour, texture, pattern, depth and warmth to any space, so get purchasing.


Cushions work wonders at bringing life to a space.


Lighting – This might sound obvious, but lots of people don’t realise that a simple thing such as lighting can turn a dull room into a bright and open space. Make sure you check the lighting and see if it’s adequate enough, which most likely won’t be, so try adding a pendant light with multiple light sources, then play around with layers, including perhaps a funky table lamp, or a beautifully shaped floor lamp. Not only will it bring in light, but it will also create visual interest too.


Play with your lighting and choose interesting pieces.


Colour – So you have your wooden furniture, with white walls and maybe some wooden ornaments to match. Well, now it’s time to start complimenting! When everything is the same colour, things can look stale and flat, so you need to spruce your space up with different colours. If you’re unsure of what colours look great together, there are lots of apps out there which can guide you to the perfect colour scheme, so don’t be afraid of it. A world without colour is a dull world.


Colour must compliment each other, focus on having two to three colours in each space.


White and reflective surfaces – If your space is dull because it doesn’t catch much natural light, the simplest way to get an effective change is to go for a white wall rather than a coloured one. White will bounce the light off the walls whilst colours will absorb it, so naturally, the room will appear darker. Reflective surfaces like gloss and lacquer also have the same effect, so using these simple tips could create a completely different atmosphere!


Nothing shines bright like white!


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