My God, that was painful.

It took approximately five minutes for Malta to find out if it had made it through to the final. Five long agonising minutes that felt more like five hours. As Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede took their time as they unveiled each finalist, audiences slowly watched each place dwindle with every announcement, narrowing down the chances of making it through.

For a moment, all hope was lost. It seemed practically unlikely, considering who the last standing countries were. And then, at the end, before Ms Mede could announce it, Malta’s name was emblazoned on the screen. Many thought Ms Losco would go into labour through sheer relief, but our representative kept her composure whilst being engulfed by ecstatic air punches and group hugs all round from her team. Phew. We did it. As you were. Carry on.

Ms Losco’s performance was, as ever, dominated by top-form vocals and consistent and engaging stage presence. Even the staunchest of Eurovision skeptics commended her clean and passionate delivery.

The first countries to have qualified for the final on Saturday are Azerbaijan, Russia, The Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Armenia, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta.


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