Marti Martek, Martek Marti by Malcolm Galea is Staġun Teatru Malti’s next production at the Manoel Theatre.

This contemporary play written in the vernacular is a satirical and hilarious theatrical romp that tackles the subject without feeling the need to moralise the outcome. There are no hidden messages here, no deep intellectual exercises. Instead, the production promises tongue-in-cheek naughty naughtiness.

The characters are quintessentially Maltese, middle class, and liberated, jostling through funny and totally irreverent situations. Local audiences may not be accustomed to having such controversial themes written for the Maltese theatre, but there’s no denying that they’re more than ready for them.

Naturally, the show is rated 18+, and the jokes that come at you in rapid fire mode are intended to push the envelope, placing it squarely in unorthodox and sexually explicit territory.

The plot is a simple one. Four Maltese couples meet in a swanky farmhouse in Gozo for a weekend of… experimentation. There are rules and regulations that govern such a gathering, but things start to go wrong when one of them arrives with a gorgeous escort, thus breaking one of the fundamental rules. Other complications crop up, followed by embarrassing scenarios, which get swamped by other unexpected turns of events.



The show’s cast – Carlos Farrugia, Chris Spiteri, Nicola Abela Garrett, Sarah Camilleri, Davide Tucci, Sean Briffa, Larissa Bonaci and newcomer Jovana Kuzeljevic – will guarantee a riveting and care-free evening for the 12th production by Staġun Teatru Malti.

Performances are on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st and 22nd May. Friday and Saturday shows commence at 8pm, while the Sunday performances will start at 7pm. There are also Sunday matinee shows at 3pm.

Prices for the first weekend are €10, €15 and €20, and €15, €20 and €25 for the second weekend. Tickets can be purchased from the Manoel Theatre website.