You don’t have to sell your soul to the catwalks and the high-end boutique brands to be stylish. The best dressed ladies often source their outfits from the hight street, where the dominating trends trickle down and manifest themselves into affordable and wearable collections which we’re happy to browse for hours on end.

Ultimately, the best style inspiration and real-life looks always arise from the streets. scouted some of Malta’s most stylish shoppers hitting the high street this week, and we were very pleased to discover various individuals who are not afraid to use their attire in order to channel their personality, and those who are not afraid to experiment and go against the grain with what they wear. Were you among those who we picked?


Angie, 25, Student

“I’d describe my style as frenchie-chic, and I always associate it with a hippie or vintage touch. In this case, my vintage touch is my jeans jacket that is older than me. Actually, I don’t really have a style icon; I like Julie Sariñana aka Sincerly-Jules’ style.”



Haixia, 20, Student

“My style is casual. I mix clothes that for some people might be hard to picture combined in one look, such as sportswear with fashion trends. For example, right know I’m wearing classic culottes with sneakers.”



Sumeyya, 24, Student

“I like mixing high street and vintage. I bought this top in a vintage store and everything else I’m wearing right now is mass market. I don’t really have a style icon; I actually create all the looks myself.”



Maria, 32, Teacher

“I love bright colours. I’m not wearing any right know, but I think bold colours for spring and summer seasons are perfect. A bag is a must for any of my looks – I need it to put all my stuff in there and it always adds an extra something to your style. I like the way Penelope Cruz dresses.”