Photo credits to Kurt Paris

The frailty and ephemerality of a beautiful flower is merged with the permanence of fashion print in fashion designer and artist Saz Mifsud‘s latest collection, Pollen’s Poetry.

This exhibition is Mifsud’s first at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Malta, which displays her new collection of luxury silk scarves in various hues and sizes. The unique designs were created by means of the artist’s idiosyncratic combination of her own photography and digital manipulation. Pollen’s Poetry sees Ms Mifsud transform illustrated versions of her subject – in this case florals – into a digital mélange. The delicately artistic imagery is then developed into a design which is digitally printed onto different types of silk, creating her signature silk scarves.

The juxtaposition of the above themes is what drove certain elements of the collection – clear prints fading into blurred abstractions, bold colours fading into grey hues.


Photo credits to Kurt Paris


Pollen’s Poetry at Fort St Angelo runs until the 21st May. For more information, visit the Malta Fashion Week website.