Here’s an ingenious way to beat the cravings.

KFC in Hong Kong has just launched a campaign promoting the upcoming release of two flavoured nail polishes. Their famous blends of Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy can be tasted when the wearer licks the applied polishes, which come in pale nude and fiery orange shades.

This product was, naturally, inspired by KFC’s timeless slogan, ‘It’s Finger Lickin’ Good’, but wouldn’t it be marvellous if the idea had to be replicated by other brands? This is certainly one way to curb your desire for something unhealthy during your detox regime.

The question on everybody’s minds, however, is whether you’d be led to bite your nails once the product’s on your fingers. How edible will these varnishes be, exactly? Perhaps we’d have to wave bye bye to our manicures for the sake of our appetites. And let’s be honest, fast food usually tastes best when served warm. Then again, we’d get to enjoy the comforting flavours of fried chicken without having to consume the calories.