The organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 have published guidelines for this year’s events, specifying flags which will not be allowed to be waved during the performances.

In order for there not be political rift during the event, flags representing countries or states such as Wales, Crimea, PalestineNorthern Cyprus and ISIS have been banned from the Swedish venue, the Ericcson Globe. The LGBT flag has been permitted to be waved, however audience members must refrain from waving it during the performances representing countries with poor LGBT rights.

A spokesperson has said that, “The organisers are fully committed to the safety of the audience and crew… It is important to state that the flag policy is not aimed against specific territories or organisations and certainly does not compare them to each other, but merely aims at assuring that the broadcast is free from the aforementioned messages and to assure that venue and security staff can enforce this policy upon entrance without delaying the entrance of some 10,000 people.”