It’s time to put things straight.

Over the past year, the discussion on whether children should be taught about sex has been gaining momentum. As someone who advocates a healthy sex life, I have a lot to say about this. But instead of just going on a rant, I’m going to answer some of the comments I’ve seen posted on the web or heard people utter.

“Teaching children about sex robs them of their innocence.”

Well… Not understanding the importance of sex education clearly shows you have a lot of growing up to do. Children will learn about sex at some point or another and, as a mother, I’d rather know that it’s being done in a controlled environment. Leaving your child’s sex ed to chance can have dire consequences. After all, it’ll probably be someone as inexperienced as they are who shows them the ropes.

“We’re losing our morality.”

You’re so right, person who was born to virgin parents. Sex is such a disgusting sin.

We can’t all ride the moral high horse like you, but some of us understand the importance of sex in life, society and personal fulfilment. Teaching children about sex isn’t about indoctrinating them into a perverse way of life – religion tends to do that… Teaching children about sex is giving them the tools to protect themselves, physically and emotionally, and not to let anyone lead them by the nose.



“Once children know about sex, they’ll want to experiment.”

Children always want to experiment. When my son was five, I found him trying to light a match. When he was 11, he shaved half his eyebrow off. It’s our duty as parents to set boundaries, and teach children the difference between right and wrong – and how certain things could harm them. But as hard as we try, we can never be with them 24/7. Moreover, a 10-year old is more likely to be into video games than sex. As for when they get older, they will experiment whether you’ve taught them about sex or not.

“Parents should be the ones who determine when their children learn about sex.”

Have you read the comment boards on local newspaper platforms? Do you not follow the posts on social media groups? Do you really think that everyone has the ability to properly teach their children the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s of sexual intercourse, the dangers of not using condoms, the importance of respecting other people’s wishes in a sexual encounter? I’m not presumptuous enough to teach my child algebra, or explain the intricacies of history… Sex should be no different. Leave it in the hands of professionals who have studied and been taught how to handle the subject, and who know how to address the sort of questions only a child could ask about such things.



“Sex has nothing to do with education.”

This is where most people get it wrong. Education has everything to do with everything. Education doesn’t just open doors to a brighter and better future or to earning more money. It can teach you about humanity, kindness, art, music, life and even sex. It’s about time that our educational institutions become more than just centres of academic learning and start giving the nation a grasp of things that go beyond.

That’s all I have to say. Thank you for listening.


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