When putting on make up, most women tend to focus mostly on the eyes – the shape of the eyeliner, the application of mascara, not to mention the subtle shades and colour blends of the eye shadow. Choosing one’s style when it comes to make up can both form part of a daily routine, or be a preparation for a special occurrence, perhaps while preparing for an important event or occasion.

Be that as it may, every woman knows how important the eyes are when it comes to make up. Unfortunately, many women seem to ignore the fact that the eyebrows are an important factor as well. Our eyebrows not only give definition to our eyes, but in fact aid in shaping and giving character to our whole face. Be they dark or sparse, curved or angular, eyebrows have a way of subtly enhancing our best features, and detracting attention from our weaker ones… If of course, they’re groomed correctly.

The first rule to understand with regards to eyebrows is that there are no rules. A shape which may be pleasant and flattering for your friend or sister might not necessarily be optimal for you. This is because one must remember that the most favourable way of styling and modelling one’s eyebrows depends on one’s own blend of individual features. The size of your head, the shape of your face, the tilt of your eyes, even your hairstyle, will in fact affect your overall appearance. These are important features to consider when deciding how to take care of your eyebrows.



Whether you prefer to use tweezers or wax strips, whether you have permanent make up or not, it’s important to understand that when it comes to eyebrows, the most natural look is best. Try to stick to your own natural hair colour and skin tone when using an eyebrow pencil. The overall appearance of your eyes depends on the arch, the thickness and the length of your eyebrows. Personally, I find both bushy and pencil-thin eyebrows to be rather distracting rather than enhancing. They seem to attract a person’s attention to the eyebrows themselves, rather than to the eyes, which is why I would recommend average thickness and a sleek look.

Generally, the beginning of the brow should align with the centre of the nostril, and one must also make sure that although the eyebrow follows the curve of the eye, it doesn’t extend into the temple area. Monobrows are of course, a no-no. Therefore make sure to take care of all the tiny little hairs which may grow in between your eyebrows, in order for these not to create the illusion of there being no space between the two.

That being said, here are a few more tips relating to facial shapes:

Round faces – It’s better for your eyebrows to have a high arched-shape, in order to create the illusion that the face is leaner than it actually is.



Heart-shaped faces – Style your eyebrows into a low curved arch. This will balance out your forehead as well as your chin.



Square faces – You’ll need to soften your features, especially your jaw line. The eyebrows should therefore start out as curved, and then continue with an angled tip in order to create balance.



Elongated faces – It’s best to have straight eyebrows with no curves, in order for the face to appear shorter.