There is a diversity of eye shapes – from almond to round, to upturned to down turned. However, hooded eyes, in all their gorgeous beauty, require a specific application of make up.

Hooded eyes are best identified by the skin which hangs over the eyelids when the eyes are open. When you have this eye shape, chances are that make up applied on your eyes can get very easily smudged or smeared. This is because each time you blink your eyes, this area of skin will rub against your lid.

Therefore, it’s always best to use a very good eye shadow primer which will help keep your make up in place. But aside from this, there are also certain tips which could really help a person with hooded eyes apply their make up with greater ease and confidence, thus producing more flattering results.



First off, it’s very useful to apply your make up with your eyes open and looking directly forward. The reason behind this is that unlike other people who do not have hooded eyes, your lid will probably be mostly (if not completely) hidden whenever your eyes are open. Also, the eye crease which you’ll see when your eyes are closed will not be the actual fold of your eyelids when your eyes are open. When applying make up with your eyes open, you can create your own sort of fake crease which won’t get lost or hidden when your eyes are open.


A little trick which is well known to also work on hooded eyes is the straight line technique. This is actually very simple to create by taking an eye shadow colour and, whilst keeping your eyes open, create a line from the centre of the eye going completely straight outward. When blended out, this really helps give some lift to the eyes.


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Hooded eyes normally give the illusion of a very large brow bone, which some might dislike. So if you wish to avoid emphasising this, stick to matte shades and be careful not to highlight too much. Also, looks created by the cut crease technique are your best friend. Just make sure that this is also applied with your eyes open.

Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively are a few fabulous celebrities who have been blessed with hooded eyes, so be proud of your beautiful peepers. Keep these tricks up your sleeve and flaunt them!


Image: Blake Lively


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