Malta seems to be all aflutter with the concept of levitation on H2O. Not only does the country follow the teachings of a man who had walked across a lake, but its 2016 Eurovision entry is also called Walk On Water.

Similarly, local marketing companies also plan on jumping the bandwagon this summer by installing floating billboards a few metres out from some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches all over of the islands. Many will vouch for the crystal clear waters of these bays that stretch out to a perfect azure horizon, and rightly so, the general public has voiced its disapproval of having such eyesores tarnishing the natural beauty of our neck of the Mediterranean woods.

At the time of writing, an online petition has already been set up to push for the prohibition of such an environmentally-unfriendly marketing ploy, and, much to the public’s relief, we’ve also just been informed that Transport Malta will be considering the negative impact of these installations, which will render the ‘project’ highly unlikely.

Here’s hoping that the nation’s objections run parallel with those of the authorities, and may we get to enjoy our tranquil and untouched corners of the Mediterranean sea once again this summer.