The best-loved season of the year is here, and along with putting away the quilts and coats, you should also put away all the baggage that’s holding you down.

We’re all so busy that we often forget what’s really important in life. We get stuck in ruts, and keep objects that have no value to us. We keep making excuses for people, and we forget to check our bank accounts to see how much we still have left. So every spring, I like to take a step back and take a good look at my life.


Spring… It’s a time to let go – What’s the point in holding on to things that no longer serve you? What’s the point in making efforts for people who no longer make you feel good? Evaluate your relationships and figure out who’s worth staying in touch with and who isn’t.



Spring… It’s a time to cleanse your mind – We carry so much emotional baggage around with us that, at times, it’s hard to see clearly. Spring’s as good a time as any to forgive yourself, forgive others, move on, and be grateful. Once you do that, you’ll be surprised by how brighter your life can be.



Spring… It’s a time to check your bank balance – I’ve never been great at saving up. I’m still unsure how I managed to purchase two properties. In fact, I keep waiting for someone to knock on my door and tell me I’ve been living in their house by mistake. But it’s good to consolidate your finances every now and then and make sure you have a solid plan for your future.

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Spring… It’s a time to de-clutter – Boxes full of memories, ornaments we don’t like, clothes that don’t fit. Grab them all, give them to charity and replace them with new ones, or just leave that space empty. Life’s too short to get attached to objects – and we can’t even take them with us when we die, anyway. So use the money you’dve otherwise spent on stuff and go have fun. Live a little!



Spring… It’s a time to say no to meetings – I often find my schedule chock-a-block with meetings, appointments, get-togethers and a 1,001 other things I really don’t want to do. So every now and then, I just say no to everything and enjoy my downtime or meet up with people I actually want to see… Sometimes, happiness really is a ‘no’ away, you know?



That’s just my list, of course. Maybe what you need to do to spring clean your life is to find a new partner or change jobs. Whatever it is, just do it!


Do you agree with Evelyn? Have you got any other words of advice?

Let us know in the comment section below.


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