Come on, be honest. You want to give it a shot.

Kylie Jenner has definitely set one hell of a trend. Although I’m not one to believe that lip liner is what resulted in her plumped up pout, I do believe that make up could definitely enhance the size or shape of your lips. However, it’s vital that it’s done properly, without overdoing it, and working towards the most natural look possible.

It’s very important to start off with an even base. As you’ll be changing the natural shape of your lips, pat some foundation onto them to dull out their natural colour.

Now, a lot of people would assume that the next step would be to go ahead and line the lips. But in the case of overlining, we actually recommend reversing the process by first filling in the area of the natural lips with the lip colour of your choice. From there, add onto the other areas of the lips gradually until you get your desired shape. You can do this by either using a lip liner or else by using a lip brush and the same product which you’ve just used to fill in the area.

If you’re simply going to balance out asymmetrical lips, this is pretty simple to accomplish. Just copy the shade of the other half of the mouth until both sides are even. In this case, the overlining might not be necessary for all around the lip circumference. On the other hand, If you want to give the appearance of overall large lips, start off by only slightly lining right above – or below in the case of your lower lip – the natural outline of your lips.

kylie-jnner-lips 2


Remember to line all the way to both corners of your mouth. Skipping this step could end up making your lips look a bit fake. If you make mistakes along the way, you can always clean up the edges with some concealer and a small brush.

If you’re a newbie to this technique, try embarking on your first attempt on a day when you don’t have any plans and have some free time on your hands to experiment. It might take some practice until you get the edges to look neat and natural. Also, do be aware that it might take some time to get used to your larger lips. It might look a bit too much at first, like emerging from the cosmetic clinic after an instant lip filling session.

But if you do want to get fuller lips, I definitely say give this technique a shot. The best thing about it is that it’s not permanent, and you could always wipe it right off if you don’t like the results. Don’t forget to finish off with a pout and a selfie – Kylie would be very proud!

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