Ah…making love! That moment where you connect physically and spiritually with someone. Where nothing matters but the moment…

Well… Sort of.

Now of course, whenever any woman has had the pleasure of making sweet, sweet horizontal bumpies with me, they’ve always told me that their mind’s been blown, and I’ve never had any reason to doubt that… Even though most of them subsequently dump me and leave some very unpleasant surprises in my letter box.

But for other people, who are less, you know, good at it, there’s always the niggling wonder of what your partner’s thinking about when the magic is happening. But now, we need wonder no more.

According to secret confessions on the secret-sharing website Whisper, a lot of incredible thoughts are going through women’s minds during sex.

There’s the usual stuff on there. Some ladies like to think about their ex-partners, or pornography that they might have seen. Others have confessed to feeling insecure whilst getting jiggy, which might seem a bit sad but isn’t really that much of a surprise. Everyone feels a bit insecure sometimes. Even I have my moments sometimes; I once painted a little moustache on it and it looked bigger.



According to their confessions, some ladies just seemed bored. One claimed she looked around the room and just thought of “random stuff” whilst another wished “he would hurry up.”

And then, there’s the weirder stuff. Like pretzels, cheeseburgers and whether or not they needed more shampoo. I don’t usually think about anything when making love – or in life in general, according to my wife.

What’s going through your head when doing it?