Date of Birth: 10th October, 1988

Location: Victoria, Gozo

Status: Single

Star Sign: Libra

Main occupation: Programme Officer at EU Agency

Chris Gatt discovered his love for music at the age of seven. After attending the Gozo School of Music for theory and piano lessons, he decided to take up the clarinet and performed with a number of local band clubs on both main islands. After receiving very good results in his matriculation exams, his father kept his promise of buying Chris a drum kit.

This was when his passion for music grew deeper, eventually leading to a number of opportunities. A few years later, he felt that it was time to look at music from a different perspective. Following a number of suggestions, he decided to turn his focus on vocals.

In 2013, Chris had endless discussions with Joseph (trumpet) and Clayton (bass) about a new musical project. Later on, Andrew (guitar and backing vocals), Sylvano (saxaphone) and Michael (drums) joined in to form The Travellers, a Gozitan six-piece band.



How does your Gozitan status as a band affect your career within the music industry?

The name of the band itself reflects our lifestyle. Being a Gozitan band, like the majority of Gozitan youths, we have to commute between Malta and Gozo for school or work commitments. Sometimes, finding the right time for band practice considering our busy timetables is a bit of a hassle. One might assume that being a Gozitan band, we may find it hard to reach the expected audience. However, contrary to this idea, we believe that the fact that we’re all Gozitans is an asset. It gives us more identity and makes our project unique.

What’s your favourite venue in Malta to perform at, and why?

I think we’d all love to perform at the Manoel Theatre or the Teatru Rjal. Rich in history and located in the heart of Valletta, these two venues would help to create the ideal atmosphere for music.



What had inspired your interest in music?

I think the original source of inspiration as a child was skimming through my father’s cassettes and LP collection. As for the band, one could say that there are multiple sources of inspiration, as we all come from different musical backgrounds. This probably was what helped us create our unique product. Some songs in our EP represent real life situations in a surreal setting. Others are a simple reflection about life and the emotional journey one goes through. Sometimes our music is inspired by movies, or by works of art, while others are inspired by personal experiences.

What other things do you cherish in life?

Time. The more hyper-connected our society gets, the busier we seem to become and the key is time management. I believe that it’s crucial to find a balance between commitments and allocate the necessary time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.

What support systems would you like to see for local music?

Although I strongly believe that there’s a lot of local talent, being an artist in today’s world requires more than luck and high hopes. Also, given the restrictions of a small island, opportunities to showcase local talent are at times limited. The dream of every local artist in the music industry is to have the necessary support which will eventually help in reaching our targeted audience, perhaps also heard internationally. This will further encourage artists to focus on the quality of their talent and not giving up on their dreams.