Clubbing brings out our wild side. It’s where we let our hair down. It’s where we let ourselves shine and exude our night-life glamour. And where better to do this than in Malta’s club hub, Paceville? A cosmopolitan party zone where tourists and locals share a fantastic night out with good music and a buzzing atmosphere, Paceville sees an array of fashion choices weekend after weekend. Some are sensational, while others merit a double-take, and not in a good way.

We cannot deny that we’ve all, at some point or other in our lives, been guilty of a few classic fashion mistakes when out to paint the town red. Here is what we’ve spotted on nights out in Paceville.

The more skin you show, the sexier you’ll look – WRONG

If you’ve been to Paceville at least once in your life, you probably know what I’m referring to here. Somehow, the trend of teeny-tiny skirts and insanely low cut-out tops is going strong in there. There’s nothing wrong with being dressed sexily, but it doesn’t mean you can step out in little more than your lingerie. If you love the extra attention and want to show your body off, do it with grace. Showing one body part is always the right way to do it; we suggest a curve-hugging pencil skirt or a mini dress with an oversized blazer for an effortlessly stylish going out look.



Extremely high heels are attractive – WRONG

As any woman who’s stepped into a pair of extremely high heels knows, it’s impossible to walk or dance in them. There’s no way of masking your physical discomfort, and this is the reason why super high heels don’t look good on anyone. All we’re saying is don’t sacrifice your fun time at the expense of recreating an idealised doll image. There are a lot of platform-enhanced heels out there which look trashy, so invest in some killer block heels and you’ll look super-modern. Also, block heels provide more comfort than a stiletto ever can!



They have to match – WRONG

Have you ever noticed that some girls partying in small groups actually share the same style? Some of them are all dressed in tight little dresses, while others have the same hairstyle. And while it’s always great to have close girlfriends to share pre-drinks with, individuality always gets you extra points.



Laced and sheer fabrics are sexy – WRONG

Obviously, this choice of synthetic materials is totally appropriate for an evening look, but somehow, some ladies in Paceville are hitting laces and sheer fabrics way too hard. As hot as they think they look, some of those outfits can be embarrassing. Why? Sheer outfits that reveal too much and leave very little to imagination are never a good idea. Combination of both materials is a risky road and there’s a high chance of giving off the wrong impression.



Too-tight dresses are cool – WRONG

Some girls in Paceville prefer these dresses in short length. However, these can easily ride up and reveal more than anyone is comfortable with. As a result, they can’t walk, sit or dance a minute without rearranging their dress. We say make these nights about fun, so avoid outfits that make you think more about how uncomfortable you are, rather than losing yourself to the music and the atmosphere.



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