Date of Birth: 31st May, 1972

Location: Ħal Safi

Status: Single

Star sign: Gemini

Main occupation: Security officer

Media-related occupation: Actor

Patrick Bongailas started taking part as an extra in foreign films around 15 years ago, with a repertoire that includes The Da Vinci Code, Munich, Game of Thrones, The Devil’s Double, Agora, Task Force and Assassins Creed, to mention a few. He’s also taken part in Maltese productions such as Rifless, Emilja, Il-Klikka, Dreams, Żvintura, In-Numru 9, Rajt ma Rajtx, Storjagrafija, Ħbieb u Għedewwa, Santa Monika, Strada Stretta and others.

Patrick is currently taking part in Iċ-Ċaqqufa as Johnny, but he can’t reveal much about the show as it’s still being aired at the time of writing. He’s also taken part in some local and foreign TV adverts, music videos and TV game shows.


Image: Filming of ‘El Principe’, Patrick (right) with Alex Gonzales (left)


What inspired your interest in drama?

After two years of not playing football due to a serious injury, I saw an advert in the paper for football players who’d like to take part in a reality TV show. Up until that point, I was really shy in front of cameras, but I decided to challenge myself by playing football again despite what the doctors said and overcoming my camera phobia. I made it through to the final and from there, my interest in how television programmes work increased.

What support systems would you like to see for local drama?

In the last two years, the government has helped by creating new schemes that resulted in many productions choosing Malta as their destination. It would be a good if similar schemes were to be considered for local drama. For example, a foreign company could sponsor a good sum for a local production or by lending equipment, and they’d in turn have some reduction in tax payments or other government benefits.

What role does technology play in your life?

I don’t consider myself to be a friend of technology, as one of my biggest nightmares is having to adapt to a new mobile phone. Unfortunately, nowadays technology plays a big part, so want it or not, you need to know the basics at least.


Image: Filming of ‘Task Force’, Patrick with Raul Bova


What do you cherish in life?

I cherish every second God gave us on this planet. I cherish my family, especially my mum, dad, sister and niece, my true friends, nature and most of all animals. I love doing voluntary work, especially when it involves kids and animals, as they’re the most innocent creatures on earth. I’m actually a volunteer for Puttinu Cares and I also like helping out in activities to raise funds in aid of sanctuaries that take care of abandoned animals.

I also cherish the quality time I spend with myself, alone on the beach or in the middle of an open space surrounded by nature. In life, I always try to be positive, so I cherish my mistakes, as they are my best teacher.

What would you never buy?

I’ll never ever buy women’s underwear again as a gift. The first and last time I did so was years ago as a Valentine’s day present. The two sales girls in charge really made fun of me when I was asking some questions about the matter. I surely won’t risk it again!


Image: Patrick (left) in Strada Stretta


In your opinion, what are the ingredients for world peace?

Everyone needs to respect each other’s life, especially that of animals. They’ve the right to live just like everyone else. If you don’t respect animals and nature, you can’t respect humans. If one spreads love, love is shared. If one spreads hate and killing, hate and killing is then spread. Jealousy, hypocrites, greed and materialism are the biggest problems nowadays. I’m sure we can have much more inner peace in our hearts. A single match can start a fire, so if you have inner peace, you can start sharing it with your family and friends.