Date of Birth: 23rd October, 1967

Location: Ħamrun

Status: Married

Star Sign: Scorpio / Libra, but I’m mostly a Libran

Main occupation: Senior technician

Media-related occupation: Actor

Andrew Tabone was raised in Birżebbuga and his family consisted of five brothers and a sister. He was very shy as a child, but because he was always very observant of how people acted and reacted, this helped him overcome his timid nature.

After completing his studies in accountancy at Higher Secondary, he joined the Technical Institute and went on to become a technician. He started working at the Malta Shipbuilding and then moved on to ST.Microelectronics where he’s still employed as a senior technician.

He met his wife Antoinette in 1994 and got married after a year and eight months of dating. They met at the Eden Palladium where they used to work as part-time waiters. “She was there at the right time and place for me, as at that time I was just focused on enjoying myself with friends. It’s easy to say that she put me back on track and really made my life complete. In fact, it’s thanks to her that I’m in the drama scene, as she encouraged me to go for auditions and has supported me throughout.”

Although Andrew used to work as an extra in films, he also had a secondary part in Finland. His first local audition was back in 2012 for Klassi Għalina. After this, he also participated in other local dramas and even in a number of advertisements. After auditioning, he was selected to play the role of a police inspector in Iċ-Ċaqqufa.

Andrew also enjoys listening to political discussions, but tends to take politics with a pinch of salt. He also likes to paint using oil medium on canvas.



If any of our readers were interested in trying to break into acting, what would you recommend them to start with?

I believe that there’s a part for everyone out there. So I encourage anyone interested to go for it and audition. Being accepted the first time or not isn’t that important. First auditions help to gain experience. If the candidate chooses not to attend lessons in drama, working on self-confidence is crucial. Observing people’s moves and reactions in normal life is important. Then you have to put yourself in the shoes of the character you’re interpreting. I found that watching a lot of films helps as well.

What support systems would you like to see for local drama?

Unfortunately, here in Malta, all actors do it as a hobby. For me it’s ok as it is. Whatever happens, these are the normal channels everyone goes through. On a national level, I believe that there should be some sort of recognition for actors, technical persons, producers and directors for local drama. I think it will motivate those who are involved even more.

Do you have good skills in the kitchen?




In your opinion, what are the three most important attributes in a woman?

A good woman is very important in a man’s life. Us men tend to see colours in wavelengths. She reminds us that those wavelengths are colourful and beautiful. I like a woman who is chill, trusting and goes the distance.

How do you normally relax when it all gets too much?

Facebook, painting, watching DIY programmes or listening to a heated political discussion usually take my mind off the daily stresses.

What’s the most money you’ve spent in one go?

At the moment, our home and interior. But my pleasure is spending money on my wife, such as like beauty packages, massages and treatments!