The secret to any long-lasting face of make up is thin layers.

Apply your make up layers thinly and you will have results that last longer, do not go patchy and look fresh throughout the day. This applies even more when you have to go out straight after work without having time to apply a new face of make up from scratch.

Choosing to go down this road can lead to disastrous situations for the inexperienced, but if done right, you can transform your day make up with just a few adjustments into a more night-out appropriate look. There are a couple of things to keep in mind.



Firstly, that initial make up that you apply in the morning has to focus on the longevity required from it. Applying a primer in the morning both all across the face and over the eyes will help the rest of the products you put on top to stay and look better for longer.



Do not over-powder

The less powder you put on, the better. This counts both for your day make-up and for when you touch up in the evening. Powder has a tendency to stick to certain places more than others, making your face look patchy and go into cracks you didn’t even know existed. If you’re using long-lasting products, even cream products on the eyes and cheeks, then you won’t need to make use of a lot of powder.



Use a setting spray

As opposed to using powder for make up to stay longer, use a face spray that will help it look fresh and stay on longer, all day long.



Sandwich your layers

Sandwich your products for longer lasting products. If you put on a cream blusher, top it off with a powder one for a longer lasting glow on the cheeks. Apply cream bronzer or contour and brush on some powder bronzer on top. Finish off with the setting spray to make sure you don’t have that powdery look.



Touch up the eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Unfortunately they also shed tears and can get watery throughout the day. Put on a bold liquid liner for a more intense look in the evening and reapply your mascara. Framing your eyes are the brows – don’t forget those! Give them a good brush and run a brow mascara through them.



Bright lips

Nothing says you’re ready to have fun like a brightly-coloured lip. Finish off your make up with a bold red lip or a deep pink for that ultimate polished look.



Now, get out there and paint the town red!


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