Azure Ultra Launch for 2016 Charter Season. Photo credits to Allan Payne.

Azure Ultra‘s fleet of luxury Sunseeker yachts provided an exquisite setting for the celebrations of this year’s Summer Charter Season.

Following a successful start to its operation in 2015, Azure Ultra prides itself not only for being Malta’s premier luxury yacht charter provider, but also for its upscale service which sets it apart in the local charter scene.

The essence behind its charter product is the bespoke service executed by its professional crew, whose experience ensures that every minor detail is attended to. From supplying a range of beverages on board to serving the freshest appetising lunches, Azure Ultra’s crew ensures that everything is seen to in order for their clients to enjoy the perfect day at sea.


Image: Azure Ultra crew with managing director, Perry Newton, on Mio Amore. Photo credits to Alan Carville.


The yachts are also equipped to offer fun water sports and activities. Azure Ultra’s fleet consists of three Sunseeker yachts: Miss Moneypenny, Don’t Ask, and their most recent addition, Mio Amore. The iconic world-class elegance of the Sunseeker range brings to life the luxury lifestyle experience that can only be enjoyed while sampling one of Azure Ultra’s charter packages.

Offering both full day and overnight charter packages, the Azure Ultra fleet can also cater for customised programmes to suit all requirements.


Image: Azure Ultra Yachts, Mio Amore and Miss Moneypenny.


Left to Right Trudy Kerr, Perry Newton, Donna Mercieca-Gabriele

Image: (from left) Trudy Kerr, Perry Newton, Donna Mercieca-Gabriele


Left to Right Daniel Scicluna & Parry Newton

Image: (from left) Daniel Scicluna & Parry Newton


Left to Right Dott. Francesco Maffia, Andrea Trapani, Dott. Jonathan De Giovanni, Jodie Quirk, Jon Grafton

Image: (from left) Dott. Francesco Maffia, Andrea Trapani, Dott. Jonathan De Giovanni, Jodie Quirk, Jon Grafton


Left to Right Isabel Tapp & Laura Maciulskaite

Image: (from left) Isabel Tapp & Laura Maciulskaite


Left to Right Kurt & Caroline Paris

Image: (from left) Kurt & Caroline Paris


Left to Right Laura Maciulskaite & Daniel Scicluna

Image: (from left) Laura Maciulskaite & Daniel Scicluna


Left to Right Perry Newton & Anthony Bernard

Image: (from left) Perry Newton & Anthony Bernard 


For more information, visit the Azure Ultra website.