There’s a little less than two months left till 125 million people tune in to watch The Eurovision Song Contest 2016, and if Malta should ever make a fashion statement, Eurovision’s the time to do it. Let’s take a look at Ira Losco’s choice of attire in the Walk on Water music video, and see if the selection is worthy enough to steal the fashion spotlight in Stockholm.

The music video starts with the best of the lot – a dramatic gown with sheer details and an embroidered bodice. The design is completed with a halter neck which is very much right on trend at the moment. Ira only reveals the bottom part of her dress at the very end of the video, and unfortunately, it looks messy. A simple maxi skirt would have looked more elegant and meaningful, adding a sophisticated feel. However, she does get extra points for wearing midnight blue; her look is romantic and feminine.



We can see how Ira Losco is literally walking on water in a white lace jumpsuit, which is a slight echo of the 7th Wonder halter back in 2002. It had made a great impact back then, but years have passed and a jumpsuit that looks like it could’ve been made from white lacy curtains is not an ideal option for the big performance. All those silver sequins don’t do anything to help the overall look; they are simply making it over-the-top shiny and awkward.   This outfit is rendered even worse with a super-oddly placed pink chiffon in two patterns. No. Just no.



Perhaps the lemon yellow dress we can only see from a bird’s-eye view is our favourite. The background really sells the outfit, creating a perfect colour scheme, so the sunny dress works in the best possible way.



Ira demonstrates her sensual side wearing a long flattering dress, yet loses her individuality with the low neckline and sheer material. This combination is quite risky. The mazarine blue of this lacy dress flatters Ira’s skin tone, but the black shoes picked for this look are too heavy. High-heeled sandals with an edgy pedicure would have completed the full look.



Ira Losco opted for a classic, flattering silhouette in a beige back cut-out gown with a V-neck. The curve-hugging look is complimented with a bracelet-ring combination. She looks feminine, but we would’ve loved to see some experimentation with hair and make up.



Let’s hope that for her performance, Ira Losco wears an outfit that Europe will never forget. We simply can’t wait, and you?