Having lived the majority of my life with allergies, I’ve learnt to always search for the most long-wearing eye make up which can withstand constant welled up eyes. This actually turned out to be especially useful at weddings, where everyone finds out that I’m a big softie, and that I can get a little sweaty in summer. Waterproof products might be a pain to remove, but could really be a life saver… because no one wants to look like they’ve just been in a boxing match.

First off, priming your lids before applying any eye shadow does not only help prevent creasing, but also helps prevent it from smudging from any type of moisture. When I say prime, I mean using a product which is specifically made to be an eye shadow primer. Using a concealer or just your regular foundation to prime your lids might even out the skin tone and cover any discolouration, but the oils found in these products will probably make your make up smudge and wear off much quicker.

Another great tip is using gel products, be it an eye shadow base, eye shadow stick, gel eyeliner or eyebrow pomade. These are all much more resistant to tears, sweat and even smudging in general, because they dry and set in place, unlike powders or certain liquid products. The two main products which tend to smear the easiest and which will end up giving you what I call panda eyes are mascara and eyeliner. I used to have a huge issue with finding a good eyeliner that I could use in my waterline. Being a place which is constantly moist, you need to find a really good eyeliner which not only has very good pigmentation, but is also very waterproof. Try using eyeliner pencils which have a kajal kohl formulation, as these tend to be best for application in the waterline.



In the case of mascara, it’s quite simple to prevent severe smudging by simply buying one which is waterproof. Most mascaras which are on sale come out with both a regular and a waterproof version, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find one which you enjoy.

As always, whatever products you use to apply your make up, you can always set in place using a setting spray. So when it comes to eye make up, all you need to do is either spritz some on your eyes – with your eyes tightly closed, of course – or else spray some onto your brush before applying your eye shadows. Dampening your make up brush with a setting spray before applying eye shadows – especially baked, foiled or metallic eye shadows – will also increase the amount of pigmentation. The make up will only completely set once the face is totally dry, so make sure not to touch until it does.

Taking these simple tips can make eye make up last all day, even a day at the gym or the pool. So unless you want people to start thinking you came out of The Young and the Restless, definitely try them out!


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