Design by Omer Asim. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.

Samuel Johnson reminds us that “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

Well, the rent is ruthless, the commute can be crippling and the weather is often demoralising. On the whole however, it’s exhilarating, as was this year’s London Fashion Week.

The ever so marvellous Bernard Polidano gave us the honour of a delicious sneak peak into some of the highlights of this year’s spread, with collections by Edeline Lee, Georgia Hardinge, Omar Asim and Sid Neigum capturing our photographer’s attention, and with good reason.

There’s geometry, there’s block colour, there’s layering, there’s temerity. There is also wearability, which is great news for us all. What we can decipher from these works are the trends and trimmings that will, if not already, have trickled down into the high streets and online stores. There are many familiar faces within the fabric landscapes, including the maxi dress, the pleats, the bardot shoulders and the kimono.


Image: Designs by Georgia Hardinge. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.


Then there is of course, British quirk. What’s London Fashion Week without the omniscient influence of Vivienne Westwood popping up every now and then? This is what’s so exciting about LFW – you know where it’s heading, but how exactly is always the potent surprise. However, the usually rebellious nature of the London designers that gather for this event seems to have been slightly tamed, especially from what we can see from our photographer’s selection. Not that we’re complaining, of course, and the originality of the designers most certainly came in abundance. However, there’s something approachable about this year’s exhibits, which in no way implies that they are any less exciting.


Image: (from left) Verna Taylor Barker, Prince Cassius, Sam Rollinson. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.


Edeline Lee streamlined simplicity in her work: “I think we are all feeling the need to simplify, pull back, minimise, declutter, underexpose…” Such a breath of fresh air, this collection. Lovers of Zara will be au fait with the minimalist cuts and shapes Lee has gone for, and we can recognise the deep plunge maxi (don’t ask me where I’d put my boobs, though). However, Lee has taken all this up a notch with clean and almost seamless finishes and rich materials. One such triumphant result is a ruby red maxi with a demure sheen.


Image: Designs by Edeline Lee. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.


Red also makes another appearance in her collection through a stunning wrap belted coat, a presence which we’ve been embracing in the high street for the last few months. There’s structure yet ease in the fit of the coat, with practical pockets that can hang onto any essentials.

Monochrome is consistent throughout the designers’ works, with Lee presenting another striking maxi with black trimming, and another fabulous coat with the same effect along its edges. Georgia Hardinge incorporates all the in-styles – from A-line skirts to zipped details to frilly bardot shoulders and choker neck scarves – in a black and white range. The boat neck collar and pinafore also features, rendering a playful element to the collection.


Image: Designs by Edeline Lee. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.


Sid Neigum delights us with some power dressing, where business attire is both feminine and almost military with harshly but luxuriously textured materials and dark but assertive shades. One such masterpiece is a sleeveless funnel collared maxi dress which also sports a wrap effect towards the waist. Under the light, the texture of the fabric stands out, adding sophistication and uniqueness to the overall look. Niegum also delivers comfort with said assertion, with a beautifully layered wrap poncho in monochrome that is artfully draped around the wearer. Waterfall collars are quite the hit with this collection, as can be seen on a smooth camel coat and a very dramatic classic black trench.


Image: Designs by Sid Neigum. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.


Shoulder cut outs will also still be a hit for the the next season, as can be seen by Neigum’s textured wool off-shoulder dress.


Image: Designs by Sid Neigum. Photo credits to Bernard Polidano.