Nothing beats natural looking results. Patients often insist to their cosmetic surgeons that they’d like subtle changes without them actually turning into human-feline hybrids. Moreover, with eating and grooming trends shifting towards organic sourcing and fair trade produce, people are intent on incorporating such values in all aspects of their lives, including their aesthetic improvements.

One of the latest treatments that ticks the organic and natural boxes is the bespoke bee-stung lip augmentation. This collagen- and paraben-free procedure is being carried out by the some of the best surgeons in the world who strive for a more nature-friendly approach to their work. Instead of using the traditional needle and dermal filler, surgeons are making use of free range worker bees from the purest honey combs, organically sourced from Gozo.

Dr Hilaria of the Institute of Cosmopolitan Cosmetics says, “Worker bees are by nature inclined to serve their queen. In this case, we’ve trained our selected workers to harness their energy towards our clients, who will act as their queen once the procedure starts. The client is first stung by a singular worker bee whose sting has been filled with anaesthetic. This means that the procedure will not involve any form of needle, and we won’t be making use of plastics or non-renewable waste such as syringes. The selected bees will then be concentrated through a funnel onto the patient’s lips, where they will sense the person’s adrenaline or fear and sting accordingly.”



“This treatment was inspired by Angelina Jolie‘s famous bee-stung lips, which have been naturally present on the red carpet ever since her first few appearances. Doctors then wondered whether such a metaphor could be possible within the operating theatre, and eventually, we arrived to a solution where cosmetics and zoology can now work in harmony.”

In fact, Mrs Jolie-Pitt made use of Gozo’s unbeatable honey and beekeeping grounds whilst filming her production of By The Sea.

Once the stings have been administered, the lips are then soothed with the bees’ beeswax, and then glossed over with their own fair trade honey for extra nourishment, shine and gloss.


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