They may not be Audrey Hepburn or Karl Lagerfeld, but some of the people who make our laws and represent us in the European Parliament can be quite stylish…

From the 90s-revival sunglasses donned by Ian Borg to Joseph Muscat’s ill-fitting suits and Joe Mizzi’s T-shirt parade inside parliament, we’ve had quite a number of fashion blunders in our political arena.

Yet there are a few politicians out there who look great while on the job… And here’s my top five!

Simon Busuttil – Yves Saint Laurent once said that ‘fashions fade, [but] style is eternal’. Love him or hate him, Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil always looks understated and good. I particularly liked his white-shirt look during the recent National Protest Against Corruption. He could have been the third man in the wet-shirt fight in Bridget Jones’ Diary.



Norman Lowell – I don’t agree with most of the things Norman Lowell says – and seeing as ImperivmEvropa never really kicked off, most people out there don’t either. Yet you have to hand it to him: the man’s got style. But, help me out here, what’s his best accessory? The cravat or the cane?



Michelle Muscat – Not a politician, granted. But she is the Prime Minister’s wife and she looks great eight out of every 10 times. I particularly like the fact that she wears and endorses Maltese designers – she’s worn them all the way to the White House, in fact! She’s also really good at channelling fashion icons of times gone by… Most notably, Saint Eva Perón.



Roberta Metsola – Sophisticated and nonchalant is how I would describe this MEP’s style. She’s not scared of wearing bold colours, but always keep things classic. She’s also the Queen of Layering, and has no problem wearing different textures, including wool and silk. So here’s another award for you, Roberta!



Miriam Dalli – On top of being incredibly hard working and good at her job, Miriam has a great sense of style. She’s particularly good at pulling off the power suit, and she always looks like she means business. Miriam definitely tops the list of Malta’s most stylish politicians.



Oh, and just in case anyone got offended that they’re not on this list and will now fly a drone over my back garden, please make it seem like it’s bigger.


Do you agree with Evelyn’s choice of stylish politicians? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.