Being a bibliophile – a book lover and hoarder – I periodically make it a point to check on most of my favourite writers or those with pending unfinished series and/or sagas. This puts me in context when it comes to pre-ordering books, as well as giving me something to look forward to when I finally see a much awaited sequel in the Coming Soon section.

Thankfully, we’re facing summer and the weather it brings, as well as summer reads. Most people tend to be more relaxed during this season, which also means that they’ll also have more time to read. There are some releases which I’m personally really looking forward to.

Needless to say, they’re all fictional. I admit that I use books mostly for escapism, so if you’re looking for DIY manuals or historical biographies, you won’t find them here.


End of Watch – Stephen King (7 June 2016)

Stephen King is normally associated with the supernatural horror genre. However, End of Watch is not a horror story, but an investigative mystery. This novel is the closing volume in a trilogy dealing with a retired policeman turned private detective, inspired by boredom and curiosity. The previous two books, Mr Mercedes and Finders Keepers, were released in June 2014 and June 2015 respectively, and a TV series based on the plot line is already the talk of the town. Quite a different kettle of fish from King’s standard horror stories!

The suspense and atmosphere which permeates this series of books is amazing, proof of King’s storytelling genius which finds a great outlet no matter the genre. Caught between a devious serial killer and a psychological puzzle, private investigator Bill Hodges with all his human frailties and emotional moods is the perfect foil for Stephen King’s gritty perception of human consciousness. A veritable breath of fresh air during those sizzling hot Maltese summer months!




The Long Cosmos: A Novel – Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter (14 June 2016)

After Sir Terry Pratchett’s sudden death in March 2015, his legion of worldwide fans was devastated, knowing that their favourite fount of best-selling books had gone dry. This however, was not the case, since after Pratchett’s death, three other books authored or co-authored by him were released.

This novel is the third of these posthumously published works, and probably also the last. Pratchett and Baxter had already planned what to write in this collaborative effort before Pratchett’s death, and had already written a number of drafts. The Long Cosmos is the fifth and last novel in The Long Earth series – a science fiction endeavour which began in 2012. Quite a shift for Pratchett, who is mostly known for his humouresque fantasy Discworld series. The Long Cosmos tackles more serious themes, being concerned with philosophical questions on existence and survival, as well as artificial intelligence, human ethics and indeed, the very concept of what it means to be human.



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II– J.K Rowling & Jack Thorne (31 July 2016)

Another Harry Potter instalment? Well, yes and no. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be published in book form, but it will be instead a play based on a story written by J.K. Rowling, and transformed for the theatre by playwright Jack Thorne. The play is to premier at the Palace Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue on the 7 June, however, the script will be published more than a month later – on J.K Rowling’s and Harry Potter’s birthday, to be precise.

Harry Potter, now 19 years older, is not the sole main character, since the focus of the story is also on his youngest son, Albus. Carrying with them a hefty past fraught with questions, father and son must face up to things which won’t be laid to rest – while we, the die-hard fans, get to take another peek at such fantastical institutions as the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Can’t wait to have this nugget of gold in my hands!

While these three novels are actually coming out this summer, there are also rumours concerning other very much awaited books. Foremost of these is of course, George R. R Martin’s continuation of his Song of Ice and Fire saga, mostly known as Game of Thrones, which has been in the process of being finished and published these past four and a half years.

Another interesting publication is Gary Oldman’s vampire book Blood Riders, which was set to be in circulation this year, but which remains a mystery. This will be the iconic actor’s first foray into the world of the printed word, and the world breathlessly awaits to see what he’ll make of it.



Are you looking forward to reading any particular books this summer?

Let us know in the comment section below!