Date of Birth: 1st July, 1974

Location: Marsa

Status: Married

Star Sign: Cancer

Main occupation: Executive at Transport Malta

Media-related occupation: Actress

Sharyn Mizzi has always loved drama and acting since she was a little girl, and at school she always participated in every play being held. “Growing up, I watched every single drama on television. It was always on my mind to start an intensive course, but I always postponed, bringing up excuses to myself about not having enough time. Finally, I decided that I had to do it. It was something that I wished for, and so in June 2014 I started an intensive drama course with Freespirit Acting.”

At the beginning, she was being called as an extra for various scenes, then started having some small speaking parts, until finally, auditions were being held for the local soap opera Intriċċi. She applied for these auditions and was given the main part of Maria.



How do you nurture your acting skills?

Even though I’m playing a main part, it doesn’t mean that I don’t need to improve. You always have to keep on working on your acting skills. The best way to do this is by observing how others react. If you need to play the part of a blind woman, you have to study and observe carefully how blind people react in order to put yourself in their position and play the part.

How would you describe the local drama scene?

Although we’re a small island, I must say that in Malta we have so many talented actors, talented scriptwriters and very good editors, and so drama productions always submit soap operas of a certain high quality to the public.

What do you think are the three most important attributes in a man?

Sincerity, respect and loyalty.



What do you enjoy most about fashion?

I’m in love with all types of shopping, but shopping for clothes is definitely my favourite. What I like in general about fashion is that it changes frequently, so there’s no room for boredom.

What is your greatest obsession?

My greatest obsession is death. I’m so afraid and obsessed of losing the people I love. I know I have to face it one day or the other, but yes I’m so afraid of it.

How do you relax and get away from it all?

Definitely shopping! It makes me forget everything.