We all know that sleep is vital for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. The better our sleep, the more efficient we become with dealing with stress, staying motivated and overcoming life’s obstacles. So why not make sure that we invest in doing all we can so that those hours of essential shut-eye are the best we can get?



Bright, artificial lighting can be vital, depending on the activities that take place in that space. When we read, we need to make sure we have adequate lighting in order not to strain our eyes, so when we sleep we also need to make sure that we soothe and prepare our minds for a relaxing night ahead. Therefore, different lighting is required in a bedroom, but ambient, low lighting is essential for a good night’s rest. This can be achieved in various ways – from rope lighting that creates a light shadow and a soft light across the edges of your wall, dimmable bedside table lights, to fairy lights across your bed’s headboard. Whatever your style, there’s a solution to suit your needs.


Image: Ambient lighting sets the mood in this tranquil sleeping haven


Black Outs

There are some items we can skimp on, but then there are those which are absolutely necessary. Black-out blinds or curtains are perfect for those who need time to adjust to morning rays of light entering the room, or even to get that extra hour after the sun is rising. This way your space remains the dark, tranquil area it should be, allowing you to rise and shine at your own pace. It also saves you from wearing those annoying eye masks!


Image: Black outs can be used on any colour curtains, even white!


The correct bedding

Unfortunately, we don’t hear this often enough, but it’s vital to invest in a good quality mattress, duvet and pillow. A mattress and your sleeping pillow should mould to your body, enabling a relaxed position for you to rest properly, without having the risk of back or neck pain the following day. This adds to extra stress and could subconsciously create negative connotations to when you think about sleeping in your bed. During those winter months, an anti-allergy feathered duvet is perfect to keep you warm, so finding one that adjusts its thickness depending on the weather would be great, and it will help you determine the warmth needed during different seasons.


Image: Make sure you own high quality bedding for a perfect night’s rest


Scents, Candles and Diffusers

Should you not wish to use all three, choose the one that brings the most relaxation to you. Certain scents can aid in the feeling of sleep, so research these and try them out to see what drives your stress away. With candles, its more about the ambience they create, as our minds automatically shift to de-stress mode due to a beautiful bouncing flame in the background. Diffusers give off subtle scents, again, which you should research personally to choose the one that suits you. You’ll be amazed by what a difference these items can make to the quality of your sleep.


Image: Set the mood with candles or scented diffusers


Decorate with a cool colour scheme

Studies have shown that the best colour combinations for a great night’s sleep are a mix of pale or pastel green, blues and greys. These colours promote relaxation, reduce heart rate and decrease blood pressure. These are all important features that could drastically improve the quality of sleep you get. On the contrary, warm colours such as red, orange and yellows increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can contribute to a more stressed, low quality sleep.

Using cool colours in soft furnishings, bedding, walls and décor could ultimately be the change needed to improve your night’s rest, which could contribute to an overall better standard of living.


Image: Cool tones enhance the relaxation factor of this sophisticated and subtle bedroom

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