I’d like to think of myself as a positive kind of gal, with the half-glass-full perspective if you will. However, there are some things committed by a few folk which really irk me to the point of nausea. Some people tend to have the common sense of a pea, others the social etiquette of a farm animal, and for the select few, a lethal combination of both, so I felt it was well worth compiling a very short list of these pet peeves.


Noisy eaters

Man has come a long way in the history of evolution, which means that he no longer eats and consumes his food as if he were a caveman who doesn’t understand the basic use of a fork and knife and/or eats like there’s no tomorrow, for fear that it may be their last meal.



Eating with your mouth open, or talking with your mouth full

Talk about a rude multitasker! Close your mouth when eating, and for heaven’s sake, don’t talk whilst chewing with your food still in your mouth! Oh, and licking your fingers while eating is equally disgusting. I vividly remember an ex-colleague who used to get so graphic with her finger licking session post-tuna ftira, I felt uncomfortable looking her straight in the eye. I wasn’t sure whether I should tell her or just ask to get a room! I mean honestly, is it even possible that no one’s ever pointed out to her that it’s absolutely repulsive? If not, let me be the first to do the honours!



Not using the good ol’ P and Qs your parents had taught you

So many people devalue the essence of politeness. Such practice is universal and goes beyond cultural boundaries. I’m pretty sure ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘have a nice day’ exist in each and every language. After all, they’re some of the first phrases a tourist learns to say when visiting a foreign country for a reason. Being polite is something people from all around the world appreciate.

On a similar note, learn how to say ‘thank you’ and smile to show acknowledgement towards simple gestures – it goes a long way. Showing some gratitude is not much to ask, at least. However, for some, it’s like you’re expecting them to donate one of their vital organs. I’m a fan of saying ‘you’re welcome’ really loudly when people don’t thank me.



Not knowing the difference between a handshake and a hand flop

Practising the former leaves a better impact on a person’s first impression of you as an individual. A strong and stern handshake exudes self-confidence and interest in having met the person in question. A floppy one, on the other hand, shows complete apathy and lack of interest. The only worse thing than a floppy handshake is a moist and clammy one that awakens my OCD tendencies for cleanliness, and leaves me reaching for my hand sanitiser or anti-bacterial hand wipes!

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Smile. It’s free.

It’s amazing how dull and unfriendly some people look and act. It’s like you’ve just told them their pet’s just died, and they’ve simply decided to keep that perennial look of melancholy… for the rest of their existence.

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So, what are your pet peeves? Let us know in the comment section below.