Many associate large pores with acne or oily skin, but truthfully, anyone can suffer from this flaw.

If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, large pores are normally more commonly known as blackheads. These occur when your skin’s pores get clogged with excess sebum, and bacteria gets collected. This will make the pores seem enlarged, often with a greyish or blackish tint. Contrary to other skin blemishes, make up could actually end up making these more visible if applied incorrectly, so it does take some effort and technique to achieve that airbrushed look.

The most crucial step to eliminate blackheads is to take care of your skin by cleansing it with the appropriate products. This will reduce a considerable amount of large pores, but if you need a quick fix, there are other alternatives you can turn to in order to minimise their appearance.

Something which is absolutely awesome and interesting is that when a cold surface is applied to your skin, pores contract and actually end up shrinking. Therefore, if you’ve just extracted a blackhead, washing your face with cold water or applying an ice cube wrapped in a cloth onto the area will shrink the pore and prevent any bacteria from getting back into it. Apart from this, if you splash your face with some cold water prior to applying your make up, your pores will shrink, and this will help you achieve a flawless make up application.



There are also several make up products which are designed especially to camouflage enlarged pores. Most primers which are silicone based are great as they work as pore fillers. Think of it as spackling paste for your face. Primers literally create a smooth surface so that your foundation or concealer doesn’t settle into the pores. There are also concealers and foundations which claim to help minimise the look of pores.

When applying liquid foundation, the wrong technique can sometimes really exaggerate the appearance of your pores. You should opt for the buffing technique, especially when it comes to your T-zone. Apply some dots of foundation on the skin and using a flat top brush, buff the product into the skin by working in a clockwise motion and then in an anti-clockwise motion. This removes all the shadows which are otherwise normally created. To set the liquid foundation in place, gently press a large powder brush or make up brush with some loose or compact powder. It’s important not to brush on the finishing powder as otherwise you’ll ruin the nice looking skin that you’ve created with your foundation.



Since large pores are normally caused by excess oil coming out of the skin, a way to keep your make up looking fresh and airbrushed is by setting your make up with a finishing or setting spray. Also, try blotting your skin with blotting paper throughout the day. This really soaks up a lot of oil without ruining your make up and without having to touch up regularly. They also usually fit into the tiniest of purses, which is definitely a plus for us ladies.