In light of recent events, here’s Michaela’s take on the happenings of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016:

Admittedly, I’m not an avid fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, but this year’s been an exception because of the whole polemic behind the winning song and whether Ira Losco’s entry deserved to win. Many were left asking questions such as: ‘Was the win based on her song or on the fact that she’s already loved by many?’, ‘Was this a Malta Song or Singer Contest?’, and ‘Why didn’t they just scout Ira in the first place and save all the hassle and expense for all the other contestants, if they knew from the start that they wanted Ira?’


The ins and outs of her win

While I don’t feel the need to go into the merits of the whys and hows behind Ira’s song and the reason it was the ‘chosen one’, I must say that I was pretty surprised about the local reception. We could evidently witness two polar opposites – the die hard Ira fans and the bitter, bitchy haters, both of which are at loggerheads with one another.

Of course, no one can negate the fact that Malta has an abundance of talent. But let’s call a spade a spade. Ira Losco has always been somewhat of a local mascot when it comes to musical success, particularly in the ESC. So I guess it was a no brainer that she was already a favourite when she entered the competition, and let’s not forget that part of the reason she entered was because there was an incessant demand for her to re-enter the Eurovision scene. Therefore, let’s not make her regret it, for crying out loud!



Chameleon (Invincible)

Now let’s take her original song, Chameleon (Invincible). To be perfectly honest, when I heard it, I wasn’t wowed, and part of me was glad to know there was a chance that the entire song could be changed. However, why all the fuss? To my knowledge, the latest regulations about the song-change were implemented before Ira’s notorious win, and feel free to correct me about this if I’m wrong. True, some argue that the hullabaloo lied behind the fact that it was the singer who was chosen and not the song, and if they wanted Ira in the first place, they should have simply saved all the other singers all the toil and trouble to even enter the competition.

That is debatable, and I need to admit I would like to take a neutral stand on this point. I understand that gallons of blood, sweat and tears are spilt over writing, composing and preparing the other songs for the contest, not to mention the money they invested in enrolling for the competition. However, just like everyone else, we need to remind ourselves that Ira too has put a lot of hard work, sweat and tears into her song. So why all the hate? I honestly don’t get it. Could someone please explain?


The apathetic clapping meme

This one went viral really quickly, and was also used at a sickening rate, might I add. I mean, let’s be honest. For Ira, it was a lose-lose situation. If she were too happy, she would have been judged as being overly-confident and insensitive to other contestants’ participation, and because she opted for a low-key expression and a soft clap, viewers still interpreted it negatively, claiming that she seemed unenthusiastic. You really can’t please everyone!



Walk on Water

My first reaction to the song? Wow. Just wow! I absolutely loved it from start to finish, I swear. It’s been on repeat since last night, and I’m not just saying this for the sake of this article, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered writing it in all sincerity. Even Wiwiblogs was waiting in anticipation to listen to the song, and gave good reviews. Overnight, it’s had over 120K views, with the majority of them being thumbs up.

So again, why all the hate? I don’t get all the nasty comments. I think it’s rather pathetic that there are even local people presenting themselves under pseudonyms lashing out the hate. Lest we forget she’s representing our country, and let us not be hypocrites and give her our belated support and pat on the back once she does well.


Let’s give her our support

In one of her latest interviews before the premier of Walk on Water, she made an appeal that she needed everyone’s support. She mentioned this point twice might I add. She’s only human, and being immune to people’s nasty comments can only last for so long. Therefore, let’s all try to show Ira the support she needs. Ultimately she’s more than capable, and she evidently poured her heart and soul into the song.


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