We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced it.

We spend hours applying our make up for a great night out with friends or family, only to wake up the following morning and finding out you pretty much look like Casper the Ghost in all of the photos. I’ve spent days trying to figure out why I’m always choosing the wrong shade of foundation, because my face never seems to match my neck. But then how does it look good in the mirror?

The solution is actually quite simple. It’s not because you’re using the wrong shade or because you’re applying your make up incorrectly. The problem lies with the ingredients and the formula of the make up itself.

There are so many different foundations available, and when you have such a huge range of options, most of us tend to go with the one that has the most benefits. As you may have noticed, most brands are coming up with face products containing a sun protection factor in them – SPF. This protects your skin from the sun’s rays which might lead to premature wrinkles and discolouration.

This is actually great especially for summer, seeing as you won’t have to use a sunblock underneath your make up. But if you plan on taking flash photography, you should actually steer clear away from using such formulas. Not only does the SPF in this kind of make up reflect the sun’s UV rays, but also the light of a camera’s flash, which is what creates that white cast on your face.


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Apart from your foundation, there are other products which could be to blame for flashback. Certain powders which contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or even silica might look extremely noticeable when flash photography is taken. Several celebrity snaps taken during events with flash photography are circling because they look as if they’ve got an extreme amount of powder under their eyes or on their chin. This is because their make up artist used brightening or finishing powders which contain these kinds of ingredients.

So next time you go splurging, check the ingredients first. SPF or any of the other mentioned ingredients will not cause any issues for make up worn throughout the day, but be careful with what you apply for certain evening events. And remember, just because a product states that it’s HD or Studio doesn’t mean that it’s purposely made for flash photography.


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