Their latest album may have been released back in 2014, but Chris and Moira’s Ninety Nights and a Monday is still doing the rounds almost two years on. Its presence, perpetuated by a string of singles and videos, has helped the band maintain a high profile on the local scene. The album has also been pivotal in bringing the band the opportunity to explore new markets abroad.

The band is pleased to announce the release of a new single off their album, Big Bleached Stain. This piece had started out as a poem by Moira to her parents. Possibly one of the most personal tracks on the record, the new single acknowledges the love and support that parents give their children. Musically, it bridges a country feel with a soul inclination – a space cowboy feel, according to Chris. Apart from working on new music projects, Chris and Moira’s plans for the year also include a number of live performances, both at home and abroad.

Chris and Moira features Moira and Chris on vocals and guitar, with Billy B on bass and Mattia on drums.