Throughout my years of being obsessed with make up, my research has definitely been extensive. The more knowledge I garner on the subject and the more tricks I gather, the easier it becomes to choose and apply the right products. Everyone knows that there are various and different shades of skin – from pale all the way to dark complexions – but few people actually know their skin’s undertone.

Knowing your skin’s undertone is very useful, for many reasons. Not only does this help with finding the best shade of concealer or foundation, but it also helps figure out which colours in terms of clothing and hair dye suit you best. Certain people have skin which would lean more towards a pink or red hue, and these are known to have cool undertones. Some people have more of a yellow or golden colour to their skin, and so they’d have warm undertones. Some, on the other hand, could have a mixture, meaning that they would have a neutral undertone.

Now this, most of the time, cannot be determined by simply looking at yourself, but that’s not a problem because finding out is actually very simple.

Take a look at your inner wrists. Do your veins look green or blue? If they’re mostly blue, then you have cool undertones. This means that you’ll probably look better in jewel toned colours such as purples and blues. If they’re mostly green, that would mean you have warm undertones and you’ll probably prefer earthy tones like browns and reds.



When it comes to jewellery, people with a cool undertone would also probably look better in silver, whereas those with warm undertones would look better in gold. If you’re having trouble telling, then you’re one of the lucky ones! This means you have a neutral undertone and you can pretty much get away with wearing any colour you want.


Cool undertone, silver jewellery



Warm undertone, gold jewellery


When it comes to your make up, simply choose the right foundation according to your undertone. It’s that simple. Many brands actually offer the same shades with two different undertones, one for warm and one for cool. That way, the colour of your face and neck will match and blend in seamlessly.

Quite a handy trick, isn’t it? Now go ahead and test it out for yourself!


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