Photo credits to Stillz by Viktor Vella

Date of Birth: 24th January, 1963

Location: Żejtun

Status: Married

Star Sign: Aquarius

Main occupation: Administrative officer

Media-related occupation: Actor/singer/guitarist

Being the youngest of three siblings with eight years separating him from the next-in-line, one could say Jesmond Triccas was brought up as an only child. He had had plenty of time to himself and this led to a lot of day dreaming and play acting. So one could say the love of theatre began at an early age.

His first experience on stage was at the tender age of five, where he played the part of one of the three wise men in his school pageant. He instantly took a liking to this and pushed himself to take part in as many school plays as possible. At that same time, his eldest brother started taking guitar lessons. Jesmond remembers sneaking into his room when he wasn’t around to try and play this wonderful instrument. He was so small, he couldn’t even hold it properly, so he used to sit it on his lap in the style of Jeff Healey and try to pluck a few notes. He remembers learning to play one of the songs from Jesus Christ Superstar without anyone showing him what he needed to do.

How did you first discover acting and singing?

Throughout my school years, I continued both theatre and music. But once I left, I concentrated on music, playing with different bands, mostly restricted to making noise in a garage. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to pursue my theatrical career, but it just kind of fell by the wayside.

In 1996 and 1997, I participated in the Malta Song for Europe Festival. It was then that I established myself in the music scene. But funnily enough, this exposure also led to opportunities to take part in musicals, so the connection with theatre was re-established. From musicals to drama to comedy, the list goes on and is still being updated.


Image: The Passion by Heritage Malta 2012


What other things that you cherish in life?

For me, family and friends play an important part in my life. Being in the entertainment scene, I come across many persons and personalities, but I consider myself to be withdrawn and have a small circle of intimate friends.

How would you describe the local media scene in general?

As in everywhere else in the world, the local media scene has changed drastically from the time I was still a teenager. We are today blasted by information and have every opportunity to expose ourselves in social media circles. Today’s “word of mouth” is nothing compared to yesterday’s. Nowadays, local musicians have the opportunity to upload their music to the world wide web and although breaking into the music scene is difficult, its much easier and definitely much less expensive to show one’s wares nowadays.

What makes you happy?

I believe that no man is an island and I get great satisfaction knowing that I’ve been instrumental in making someone smile or have at least managed to alleviate some of one’s problems. I spent twenty years working in a consulate where I was faced daily with different problems ranging from traffic accidents, death, hospitalisation, drug-related charges and so much more. Knowing that I would’ve alleviated at least part of one’s hardship gave me immense satisfaction.



Do you think that because something is more expensive it is automatically better?

No, not really. I’m not one to look out for brand names as I think we’re mostly taken for a ride with price hikes. However, I do lend an ear to sound advice, so if a product is recommended by a friend, then money is no object. Don’t take me seriously, though – I live just above the breadline!

How do you deal with stress?

One of the beautiful things about music is that it’s a great stress reliever. Nothing beats a good blues number when I’m feeling down. Reading through Neil Diamond’s Song Sung Blue lyrics I think encapsulates the general feeling music gives me.