Photo courtesy of @tianacosmetics

Everyone has flaws which they’d rather keep hidden. Too often, we spend most of our time and effort searching for the best concealer or foundation with the most coverage and longevity. Yet sometimes, packing on a tonne of make up might not be the best option if you want natural looking results.

If you have a flaw or a condition which you’d like to camouflage, you can use products which have a hint of a particular colour that counteracts the shade of the scar.

For example, if you’re having some trouble with acne, rosacea, dermatitis or anything else which makes parts of your face red, you can reduce this by using specially designed cosmetics which have a green tone. Various make up brands sell products such as make up primers with a greenish tint, and when these are applied, you can immediately see the difference. The skin will appear much less red than it did before, and this prepares the skin for the application of your favourite foundation and concealer, without the need to use too much product.

Another option would be colour correcting concealers. These are also applied prior to the application of your foundation, and they normally provide very good coverage. Various shades are available, and not just green. You can use purple to cover yellow tones and orange to cover blue tones. Simply determine the colour of your discolouration, and then it’s fairly simple to figure out which shade must be used to conceal it.



Let’s take a small trip down memory lane. Do you remember the colour wheel we used to memorise during art class? Just use the colour on the opposite side of the wheel. In fact, if you had to take a look at a colour wheel, you would see that green is directly opposite to red.

So the next time you’re applying your make up, keep these tips in mind, and achieving flawless looking skin will be a breeze.