Friends fans have recently been elevated to heaven with the announcement of a Friends reunion at NBC’s James Burrows Tribute. Yes, Matthew Perry was missing and yes, it wasn’t an actual episode. But come on, nothing beats watching those guys together. Let’s celebrate the Friends reunion by remembering some of the greatest fashion moments of the iconic TV show.

When it comes to fashion, Rachel Green is the one in charge. She is the most stylish and fashion obsessed of the six and well, she wouldn’t get a job at Ralph Lauren’s and Bloomingdale’s without a reason.

Some of her outfits are timeless whilst others are on-trend and still look amazing today. So, let’s all learn how to rock the 90s from Rachel Karen Green. Twenty years later… she’s still got it.

The One Where Monkey Got Away (S.1, Epi 19)

Rachel shows just the right amount of nerd chic with her high-school look, wearing a super cute checked mini skirt with knee high socks. Classic check are a must right now. Choose an A-line high waisted skirt and style it up with some over-the-knee boots for a seasonal style.



The One with the Butt (S.1 Epi 6)

A crop top plus a pair of high-waisted jeans equals perfection. We are loving the idea of a statement tee, and Rachel takes it to a whole new level with her Red Cross graphic top.



The One where Ross and Rachel Take a Break (S.3, Epi 15)

Rachel went through a break up with Ross wearing a longline coat – a timeless classic. Now that is an absolute must-have and always the right way to invest.



The One with the Thumb (S.1, Epi 3)

Sweetly feminine day dresses looks adorable on Rachel, and as evidenced by the recent New York fashion week, check will be a massive trend in the upcoming season. So steal this outfit idea for a retro-romantic look.



The One with Russ (S.2, Epi 10)

Rachel looked so cute in pinafore dresses and dungarees. This one features a classic A-line silhouette with a square neckline. Pair it with a turtleneck top like Rachel did to keep it up-to-date.



The One with All the Jealousy (S.3, Epi 12)

Rachel always took work apparel very seriously. Remember her collection of cute aprons? Not to mention the incredible office looks. This classy outfit is indeed timeless.



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