Photo credits to Daniel D'Anastasi

Date of Birth: 1st March, 1993

Location: Naxxar

Status: In a relationship

Star Sign: Pisces

Main occupation: Student / Car salesperson

Media-related occupation: Drummer

Rebecca juggles between school, work and playing the drums. She’s currently reading for a B.A Hons. in Business Enterprise at MCAST, and also works on a part-time basis as a car sales person. On top of this, she’s also part of Kurt Calleja’s band, which entails regular rehearsals and performances at several gigs.

At the age of 9, Rebecca started playing percussion, and eventually gave in to playing drums.

“I’m deeply passionate about music, and apart from being a drummer, I also love song-writing and contributing to the process of a new song. My first appearance in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest was back in 2011, together with Kurt Calleja and his band with Over and Over. The following year, I was once again part of Calleja’s team with This is the Night, and this led to the very honouring moment of representing Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Azerbaijan.”

In 2014, she was once again summoned to the Eurovision stage, this time for the Junior Song Contest which was held in Malta. She was a drummer for the official theme song #Together. Recently, Rebecca was lucky enough to join Raquel Galdes for this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest with Flashing Lights.


Photo credits to Mark Soler Msfotography


How did you first discover drumming?

From a very young age, as soon as I’d hear a song, I’d want to start banging on something and imagine myself playing in a concert. My parents noticed my talent and encouraged me to start playing, and that was when they bought me my first percussion set. However, I noticed that my passion went beyond that, and I realised that I specifically wanted the drums.

Drums is my main instrument, however I don’t select one instrument from another. Being a self-taught musician has allowed me to discover other instruments such as the piano, rhythm guitar and bass guitar.

What other things do you cherish in life?

There are some things that money can’t buy but fulfil your life. My family, my partner and my friends are whom I mostly cherish.

How would you describe the local music scene?

The music scene is radically improving with every year. We’re finally believing in ourselves and in our unique Maltese talent and exploiting it in the best way possible. On the other hand, I believe there’s always room for improvement, and I firmly believe that there’s so much more talent that is yet to be discovered.


Photo credits to Mark Soler Msfotography


How do you deal with stress?

Music plays an important role in my life. It relaxes my mind and clears my thoughts whenever I’m stressed or going through a challenging time. So, I tend to go to my playlist which mostly consists of music by Queen, Lana Del Rey, Jess Glynne, Haim, Coldplay and some Johnny Cash.

What would you never, ever buy?

A life-time supply of melons and pears – I find their taste and smell very unpleasant.

What do you usually look for when travelling abroad?

I love food and exploring different flavours, so that’s usually on top of my list, together with music and culture. I enjoy going to concerts and shows at the West End, so it’s fair to say that London is one of my routine destinations. I also look for good company to travel with. I think it’s an essential part of the whole journey!