What do you do when you’re finally awarded an Oscar after a lifetime’s worth of contribution to the film industry?

You talk about the weather.

Leonardo DiCaprio can only be described as the embodiment of cinematic dedication. He is often revered both for his incredibly exerted performances and his sense of humility. Despite his game-changing impact in the film industry, he has remarked that there are far more important jobs which deserve more credit than actors do. He’s also an active environmentalist and humanitarian who is consistent in his endeavours, and it is this grounded attitude that earns him the respect of so many.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a reminder that in order to be an artist, one has to remember to be human. DiCaprio’s roles are evidence of his commitment to the study of human nature, and his activism and concern for the human race reminds us that he is a real person, but with the power to make a difference through his art. His speech at the Oscars is further proof of this. Who else would wait all this time to hold that gold statue in his hand and address global warming and all his collaborators with such genuinity?


Image: Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant’


This tribute to DiCaprio is a little staggered and stumped. This is because, when it comes to discussing DiCaprio, you are overwhelmed by all there is to talk about. We’re also all feeling a little elated that it finally happened for him. We’re happy on his behalf, because it’s one of those few instances where someone who truly deserves a win actually gets it. That Oscar in DiCaprio’s hand isn’t just for The Revenant, but for so many of his other achievements. I’d like to think that that Oscar was awarded to him not by the Academy per se, but by every audience member who’s been moved by so many of his performances. I personally wouldn’t award him the Oscar for Hugh Glass, but for Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape back in 1993. I’d also give it to him for managing to break out of the pretty-boy mould and prove to be the actor he is today.

So, well done Leo. Thank you for being you, and Jack Dawson, and Romeo, and King Louis XIV and Philippe, and all the others that no one’s bothered to give you an Oscar for.


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