No. No they can’t.

I often let my son go out by himself with his friends to the bowling alley or to the cinema. When I do, I also ask his friends’ parents if they’d like to get together in the vicinity – I might as well make an outing out of it myself, rather than just being a taxi service, right?

Anyway, one of these get-togethers recently took place and after the usual ‘how is Junior faring at school?’ and ‘how much did the ballet gear cost?!’ and ‘is she a good Math teacher?’, we started discussing more, you know, adult stuff.

As it often does, the conversation turned to the home and how we try to manage everything, and then to that one hot topic almost everyone has at these events. For us, however, it wasn’t about politics or immigration, it was about rape.

“I obviously don’t agree with rape, but when a woman is wearing an immodest skirt, you can’t expect some men not to react the way they do,” said one of the dads.

Ex-forgive-my-French-scuse me?

“I agree,” piped the other tronġa (the Maltese word for ‘grapefruit’ is an insult, apparently). “You can’t expect men not to act on their nature.”



I had had enough.

“All this bullsh** talk has made me sick to my stomach – enough to puke all over you right now, but I won’t, because I’m civilised and I control my natural urges. I don’t take sh*** in the middle of the road either, or slap every idiot I meet, or hunt a cat down the road for nourishment, or start masturbating at the dentist’s. We all have to bloody control our urges. That’s why we call ourselves civilised!”

Needless to say, I’m no longer their favourite person, especially since I’ve now written this. But seriously, ‘you can’t blame men for acting on their nature’? And who said anything about men being the only rapists out there?

It is so damn sick that people with a basic level of education and common sense, people who are raising the next generation of our nation’s citizens, can have such medieval, misogynistic, chauvinistic, backwardly views of rape.



Let me just make this clear. I could be standing in the middle of the road, stark naked, and slapping my butt cheeks raw, screaming, “Come get me, boys!”

But, if by the time they get to me I say, “I don’t want to”, they have NO right to touch me. End of.

And let’s make one thing even clearer, most rape cases don’t happen that way. Most of them are innocent people walking down the road, accosted by savages with more sex drive than sense. It happens between husbands and wives who are constantly forced and beaten into having sex by the person who is supposed to love them. It comes from family members who have no decency, and by opportunists.

So cut all this crap and think before you talk. Stop spreading the lousy notion that rapists can ever be justified. They can’t.


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