Whether you want to make an impression at a party or you’re looking for a necklace to combine with casual outfits, a choker is always the right answer.

Since the 90s are making a return, celebrities and it-girls all around the world are lusting after these pretty accessories to add just the right amount of grunge to their looks. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Miranda Kerr all know how to make a statement and share our love for details.


Image: (from left) Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington and Miranda Kerr.


But it’s not all about the 1990s. Centuries ago, Native American warriors wore bone chokers as neck protection, Degas’ paintings have ballerinas wearing minimalistic black chokers, emphasising their elegance, while Princess Diana wore diamond and pearl chokers for her most iconic fashion moments. Twenty years have passed since the end of the ‘90s, and choker necklaces are finally making a return.


Image: Princess Diana


We all remember the black tattoo choker. I used to wear it all the time as a kid. In fact, I think I even had a matching bracelet and a ring. But don’t worry! Even though it’s a huge trend right now, there are all kinds of choker necklaces out there both for casual and more sophisticated looks. They are made in various range of styles – from minimalistic black to statement-making metallic ones.



The black velvet choker is the most iconic and most popular style right now. Besides, it’s a must-have. It looks perfect for both a casual everyday look, paired with a simple tee or for a party worn with a V-neck top.

If you are not ready to go ‘90s this season, pick a metallic choker for a stylish, yet elegant look. It is easy to combine and can be worn with absolutely anything, from a white tee to an evening dress.

You can keep it simple like Candice Swanapoel and complete your grunge outfit with a pretty choker accented with a Boho-style pendant. Or you can wear a lady-like version like Cara Delavigne, or rock it like Lily-Rose Depp. The muse of Karl Lagerfeld wore a red scarf-like choker with a strapless top and a pair of jeans. We simply refuse to choose just one.