You don’t need to spend a fortune to get the best price for your property, even if it does need a bit of an update. Here are 5 ways of how to get your home in great condition and which will ultimately help towards a speedier sale at a better price!

Paint the walls

Just like there isn’t anything a cup of tea can’t solve, there isn’t a better way of giving your property a facelift than painting your walls with a fresh new coat. I would always suggest keeping your walls a neutral colour, just so you’re hitting a wider range of clientele, as bright colours are not for everyone. Lighter colours also reflect light better and give the illusion of a clean, open space.



Adjust your lighting

There’s nothing more solemn then entering a badly lit room. Maybe this isn’t something that one would consciously realise, yet a darkened room will automatically make a viewer feel unwelcome and uneasy. Make sure that your rooms are all well lit, so when viewing, the potential client can see every detail. Colours will also appear fresher and the room will feel larger and friendlier.



Plump up the sheets

Have you ever noticed how layered hotel room beds are? The first thing you want to do is just jump on it and fall into a deep sleep. This is the kind of reaction you should be striving to get out of your potential clients. In order to do this, you would need at least four pillows on a bed which is a double or larger, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a duvet and a duvet cover, and to top it all off a throw or quilt, and a number of throw cushions. The difference this makes to a bedroom is priceless!



Add textiles

A cold home is a house, not a home. Take a look at your property. Have you got enough soft furnishings that’ll keep it warm? This comes in the form of curtains, cushions, rugs, throws or any other item that falls under the fabric category. Again, this is something that might not come to mind and is a very common mistake that a lot of home owners don’t realise. Once you have a good balance of hard and soft materials, your space will start looking much more welcoming and homely – two traits any property seller should want to reflect.




This is possibly the most important tip, yet it’s the one which seems to be overlooked the most. So many photos on agency websites display images of property that hasn’t been tidied up. Think of it this way. If you were going for an interview, would you turn up looking like a mess? No, so why advertise your home when it doesn’t look its best? A simple cleaning of surfaces and removing any unnecessary items from counters and shelving could make all the difference. This way the viewer can see the property clearly without layers of items blocking what is really underneath. Showing your property in a clean state also subconsciously lets the potential buyers know that if it’s clean on the surface, the property is most likely being taken care of, and therefore shouldn’t have any maintenance problems. Obviously make sure to take care of any of these, and if not, it’s your duty to let the viewers know about any problems they may be facing.



These steps should not be too hard to follow and will make all the difference on the first impression of your property, and as we all know, it’s the first impression that counts!


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